A second opinion can save lives.

You deserve to feel confident in your healthcare decisions. We are here to help.

Whether you’re searching for a diagnosis, want to validate previous results, or are looking for expert advice concerning your or your child’s treatment, we are here for you. We aim to help prevent or correct missed diagnoses, fill the communication gap between doctors and patients, and provide you with the answers you need.

Most doctors are under severe time pressure.

Clinic visits, case evaluations, diagnostic test interpretations, and communication are often affected by productivity requirements and time pressure in today's healthcare environment, making it harder for physicians to spend as much time with their patients as they would like.

Comprehensive Evaluations

You deserve recommendations that take your entire health history into account – not just the most recent findings. Our physicians consider all available information to help ensure that you receive the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Enhanced Doctor-Patient Communication

You can speak directly to your doctor – for any reason –  throughout your time with us. We communicate findings and answer all questions with dignity, transparency, and compassion.

“All too often, patient care suffers. Not because the physician does not have access to adequate training, experience, or data – but simply because they do not have enough time to gather and synthesize these elements of the clinical picture in order to reach the correct diagnosis."


Elevated Quality of Care

Time constraints on doctors can harm patients, too. Our goal is to minimize medical errors by providing our doctors the time they require to evaluate all available patient information and data as carefully and thoroughly as required.

Individualized Treatment Plans

First and foremost, we are here to provide for you or your family’s healthcare needs. We offer as much or as little input as you prefer for a truly individualized, patient-centric care experience.

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Integrative Care Team

Often, a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach is the best route. MD For Patients will work with your existing doctor(s) to provide a second opinion and/or be an ongoing resource in your or your loved one’s treatment.

Our practice model is designed not only to give you results – it’s designed to give you peace of mind.

Better care starts with a consultation.


Connect with us.

Once you schedule your consultation, our office will get in touch to learn more about your needs. We will then gather your complete medical history and refer your case to the physician who is the best fit for you.


Meet with your provider.

Once your physician has completed their review of your case, MD For Patients will provide you with a written report of all findings, as well as communicate those findings to you via teleconference or phone call.


Ask follow up questions – any time.

Communication is clear and thoughtful at MD For Patients. We will be communicative and honest with you throughout your time with us and will answer any questions you may have – no matter what part of the process you’re in.

Get in touch with us to request your consultation.

MD For Patients focuses on providing direct patient consultations - and consultations with / assistance to patients’ local healthcare providers.

If you are an attorney seeking assistance from one of our consultants as an expert witness, or a patient either in the midst of, or considering initiating, legal action with regard to your consultation request, it is certainly possible that we can assist you, but please call us at the number below rather than initiating a consultation request through the website form.  We will be in touch with you.

This differentiating process is necessary so that we can provide our clinical patients and their care providers with the best direct care and customer service possible - without the confusion that might arise if the intent at entry is related to litigation.

Get started by providing your basic information and we will email you with next steps.

Primary Contact Form (with Purview link)

We require the name and contact information of at least one of your current local healthcare providers.  If an unanticipated critical finding is identified during your consultation, we must be able to reach one of your local providers on your behalf.

This provider need not be in the same specialty as your consultation request. Please provide this information in the Referring Physician section on the Expert Opinion Request form you will complete during the intake process.