Rob Maloney, COO

MD For Patients’ Chief Operating Officer and Doctor of Physical Therapy Robert (“Rob”) Maloney, DPT, FACHE, enjoyed his 10 years as a physical therapist providing direct patient care and assistance. He believes in the value of direct communication with patients, and he believes in delivering excellence in everything he does. He applied his knowledge of patient care during his additional 14 years of experience serving at the highest levels in both for-profit and non-profit healthcare administrations. He served as a CEO and COO in both small and large care networks, always with the goal of improving patient care quality. At MD For Patients, he leverages his strong background through directly caring for patients as a healthcare provider and through his outstanding track record as an administrative and collaborative leader in healthcare organizations and operations. He is not content just to talk about improving patient care – he is doubling down on a personal commitment to deliver care the way it was originally intended: with a focus on the patient. He is passionate in his drive to help push MD For Patients toward its goal: to revolutionize healthcare delivery.