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A patient-centric practice.

MD For Patients was founded on the concepts of interactive care, open communication, and a thorough diagnostic approach. As a new type of practice with a unique model for care, we provide patients seeking second opinions or case reviews with direct access to the sub-specialized physicians working on their case.


Made to be different.

Informed by over 35 years of experience in traditional medical settings, Dr. Mark Halsted founded MD For Patients to mitigate the struggle that so many patients and parents go through as they attempt to understand a diagnosis or form a plan of care.

Direct communication with your physician.

“As a doctor, patient, and parent, I know how tough it is for patients to get complete, understandable answers. For example, most patients have had medical imaging, but don’t know what their results mean or how to understand their own radiology reports. Similar problems exist in many other medical specialties. I decided to try to change that by making sub-specialist physicians more available through MD For Patients.” – Dr. Halsted

By communicating openly and directly with our patients, we strive to develop trust, build confidence, and form actionable, individualized treatment plans.

We work with physicians across the country to augment existing care teams and provide sub-specialist expertise.

Our goal is to increase overall direct access to sub-specialized physicians, making care teams stronger and improving patient outcomes.

Sub-specialized, Holistic Evaluations

Our practice brings together specialized physicians from multiple disciplines for an approach to patient care that is not limited by productivity expectations, time constraints, or a lack of access to patient records.

Fully Informed Diagnoses

MD For Patients gathers and consolidates patient records for a complete test and imaging history. This makes it possible for care teams to evaluate a more comprehensive patient history, which leads to a more fully informed diagnosis and treatment plan.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

We foster the collaboration of doctors across disciplines to facilitate multidisciplinary, specialized case evaluations and, ultimately, benefit our patients.

About Dr. Mark Halsted

Dr. Mark Halsted founded this practice to help and empower patients who want to ensure they’re getting the best care possible. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, Dr. Halsted earned his MD at Yale University. He then went on to complete an Internship at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, a Radiology Residency, and an MRI Fellowship at the University of California at San Diego. Dr. Halsted also completed a Pediatric Radiology Fellowship and a Pediatric Neuroradiology Fellowship at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. He has been practicing medicine for more than thirty years.

“If you or your child has a serious diagnosis, you may feel like your life has just been turned upside-down. I founded MD For Patients to provide comprehensive, honest consultations tailored to the needs of patients – and to help patients understand how best to manage their own health going forward.”


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MD For Patients focuses on providing direct patient consultations - and consultations with / assistance to patients’ local healthcare providers.

If you are an attorney seeking assistance from one of our consultants as an expert witness, or a patient either in the midst of, or considering initiating, legal action with regard to your consultation request, it is certainly possible that we can assist you, but please call us at the number below rather than initiating a consultation request through the website form.  We will be in touch with you.

This differentiating process is necessary so that we can provide our clinical patients and their care providers with the best direct care and customer service possible - without the confusion that might arise if the intent at entry is related to litigation.

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Primary Contact Form (with Purview link)

We require the name and contact information of at least one of your current local healthcare providers.  If an unanticipated critical finding is identified during your consultation, we must be able to reach one of your local providers on your behalf.

This provider need not be in the same specialty as your consultation request. Please provide this information in the Referring Physician section on the Expert Opinion Request form you will complete during the intake process.